"What I value most about Brilliant Start Academy is the 'family' environment"

Consuelo M.


Our 8,544 square foot facility is located on 1.37 acres of land. The building has been completely renovated and includes 15 classrooms, including 7 homerooms and 8 enrichment rooms. The classrooms are specific-purpose rooms designed to give the children the best possible learning experiences. There are also two playgrounds on the property. The first playground is for children 2 ½ years and younger. The second playground is for children 2 ½ years and older. Both playgrounds include a grassy area and playground equipment situated on poured-in-place rubber playground safety surface.

Homerooms include:

Our enrichment rooms include:

Our computer room is equipped with five computers that allow the children to have hands-on experience with age appropriate learning software.

Our library has an abundance of books for the children to read quietly by themselves or to allow the teacher the opportunity to read to the class.

The music room provides space for the children to incorporate movement as they play, dance, and learn about music.

The art room has child sized tables and age appropriate materials for the children to express their creativity and learn about various aspects of art.

The audio/visual room has equipment to allow the children to watch educational videos in a relaxing atmosphere.

The Spanish room is equipped with a curriculum designed for young children. There is also a Spanish version of the calendar used in the homerooms to help provide repetition of commonly used words, including numbers, days, months, years, seasons, weather elements, and clothing.

The gymnasium is approximately 32 feet by 22 feet of open space enabling the children to use large muscle groups even on the days that outside acitivies are not possible.

The math and science/splashpark is a large area with a poured-in-place floor that allows children to experiment with water, sand, and other materials. At 26 feet by 26 feet in size, it is also a large space that can be used for large muscle movement if outdoor play is not possible. In the summer, garage doors can be opened to allow the children to get fresh air, even if it is raining outside.

The children are each assigned to age-appropriate homerooms. We have seven homerooms: an infant room, a toddler room, three pre-kindergarten rooms, a kindergarten room, and an after-school room. The toddler room and each of our three pre-kindergarten rooms are equipped with child-sized restroom facilities.


We have two separate playgrounds for our students: one for infants and toddlers and one for our students 2 ½ years and older. Both of our playgrounds have a combination of poured-in-place safety surface under our age appropriate playground equipment and a grassy area in which the kids can run and play. Each playground also has additional poured-in-place safety surface that can be used for ride on toys, basketball hoops or other activities that require a flat surface.