"We really value the education based care you provide. The kids are never 'bored' and have learned a lot (sometimes even more than they do at school)!"

Rebekah J.


Brilliant Start Academy places a high value on education and strongly believes that having a well-planned curriculum provides better learning opportunities for our children while providing an enriching and fulfilling environment.

Brilliant Start Academy uses established curricula developed by early childhood education experts. Curricula are based on the developmental requirements and abilities of our students and meet or exceed state criteria for early childhood education.

The infant and toddler curriculum is based on the books: Innovations: The Comprehensive Infant Curriculum and Innovations: The Comprehensive Toddler Curriculum. The preschool curriculum uses Innovations: The Comprehensive Preschool Curriculum as a supplemental resource.

The Preschool and Kindergarten curriculum is based on the McGraw Hill program: The DLM Early Childhood Express. In addition to the DLM Early Childhood Express comprehensive program, the curriculum also incorporates McGraw Hill's Growing with Mathematics and Viva el espaƱol to reinforce math and introduce foreign language to our students.

Beginning with the pre-kindergarten curriculum and continuing into the kindergarten program, Handwriting Without Tears is incorporated into the schedules of our students.

Our older Preschool and Kindergarten classroom also use the following curricula: