Brilliant Start Academy - Careers

Brilliant Start Academy has the following open positions:

You will be required to submit a completed application in order to be considered for any open positions. You may send in a resume along with the application in order to better highlight your qualifications.

If you are selected for an interview, you must sign a statement of non-conviction, provide a copy of your transcripts from the highest degree attained and three references. The forms will be emailed to you prior to your interview.

If you are hired, you will also be required to be fingerprinted for state and federal background checks. The background check will be repeated every four years. You will also be required to have a medical form signed by your physician that includes a statement that you are mentally and physically capable of caring for children; that you are free of TB; and that you have been immunized against MMR and DTP. This medical form will need to be updated every three years.

To apply, send resume to:


Brilliant Start Academy is a unique childcare facility where an emphasis is placed on total child development. We believe in learning through play and view all activities as educational opportunities.     The supportive learning environment at Brilliant Start Academy emphasizes intellectual, emotional, physical, and social skills throughout your child's day.